Bridal Fashion

We celebrate Indian traditional weddings through our line of finest and most exotic taste in Bridal Fashion. Colors which tells a story, fabric which boasts of its richness and a bride that steals everyone’s heart.

Based in Chicago , we are an Online Designer Studio for Bridal Trousseau and outfits for any other special occasion .We also have a studio location here and we work on appointments only .
We strongly believe spending a fortune on Flying back to India with family to find the Bridal Trousseau digs up a hole in the pocket for sure.
All the follow ups , running around in the crowded markets to find the right place to shop or finally ending up buying an average outfit that is highly overpriced from a swanky looking showroom – is just not worth it

That is what we are here for – To fill up that gap and give you exactly what you have wished for .

What sets us apart is that we offer each of our client a very special experience which is highly interactive right here , beginning from:

-> Understanding your requirements
-> Visualizing the Design through expert sketches
-> Working with the client on approving and capturing each detail , embellishment etc
-> Fabric swatches and embroidery swatches delivered to your doorsteps
-> Finally handing this over to our expert team of craftsman to craft a stunning outfit .
-> Kick back and relax while we get it together and ship it out to you

Our business model is designed to serve brides anywhere irrespective of their location . You can be based anywhere , our highly interactive process guides you through every step to deliver a stunning outfit for your special day or special ocassion .